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While there are many lease takeover services on the market, Lease Marketplace is consistently rated as the top lease takeover service in Canada. Both services, can help you transfer your car lease. However, the differences start to emerge when you look at how both platforms were built, ease-of-use and the cost. This page will help you understand the differences between Lease Marketplace and Kijiji, so you can choose the right lease takeover service.

What does Lease Marketplace do?

Lease Marketplace is Canada’s largest lease takeover platform that helps Canadians transfer their car lease. Lease Marketplace was built in-house on one code base, giving users a great website experience and making it easier for users to transfer and takeover car leases.

What does Kijiji do?

Kijiji is an online classified advertising website. Unfortunately Kijiji was not designed to offer lease takeover services. Most users browsing on Kijiji are not specifically looking to takeover a lease which means its not the best option to advertise your leased vehicle for takeover.

Website Pricing

Lease Marketplace Pricing

CAD $99

Kijiji Pricing

Free & Paid Plans Starting at CAD $26.95

Ease of Use

Lease Marketplace Platform

Lease Marketplace was built with user experience in mind. Our website was designed to give users the best experience when interacting with the website. We wanted to simplify the process of listing and browsing vehicles, and make it easy for users to interact with the website.

CarGurus Platform

CarGurus was found in 2006. The platform feels a bit dated compared to competitors like Lease Marketplace. Since the platform was designed to advertise dealership vehicles for sale, it does not specialize in lease takeover services for consumers.

Vehicle Listing Process

Lease Marketplace Listing

Lease Marketplace was built to simplify the process of transferring your lease. Lease Marketplace makes it really easy to list and transfer your lease. The whole process takes less than 3-5 minutes.

The Listing Process:

  1. Register/Create Account
  2. List Your Vehicle
  3. Vehicle is Live on the Marketplace

CarGurus Listing

Listing your vehicle is straight forward on CarGurus. You can either list for free or opt for the paid packages which can vary in cost. The whole process takes around 7-12 minutes.

The Listing Process:

  1. Register/Create Account
  2. List Your Vehicle
  3. Purchase Upgrades
  4. Vehicle is live on the platform

Browsing Vehicles

Lease Marketplace Vehicle Browsing

Lease Marketplace makes browsing vehicles easy. We spent a lot of time studying user behaviour on our platform and worked on simplifying vehicle search. With simplified vehicle search, you can perform quick searches and find the vehicle you love in a matter of seconds.

CarGurus Vehicle Browsing

Kijiji makes browsing vehicles easy. Over the years Kijiji has worked on improving their vehicle search by simplifying the search experience. The vehicle search feels intuitive and easy to use. Users searching for vehicles can find something they love in a matter of seconds.

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Why is Lease Marketplace Better?

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If you want to transfer your Lease, try this site. I wanted to get rid of my lease and Kijiji/AutoTrader weren't helping. I didn't want to pay absurds amount of money to simply post my car. I posted my car using the basic package and got a lot of leads.

My lease was transferred within 2 weeks of me being on this site. Honestly I would recommend these guys to anyone who wants to quickly transfer their lease

Pros: Easy to Use and you get a lot of potential clients.
Cons: You do get spam leads time to time
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Lease Marketplace was a life saver. I was looking to transfer my lease and was having a hard time finding a free to use marketplace that was designed for leases, until I found this site. It was only $50 to post my ad which was awesome and I got 10 different leads. Honestly I would recommend these guys to anybody trying to transfer their lease.

Disclosure purposes:
(I was asked to leave this review, however I have no problem in writing a good review as the service was amazing and I got my lease transferred without paying any money)
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I usually don't leave reviews but I had to leave them a detailed review as these guys are awesome. Firstly, they don't charge you insanely high prices like lease busters or the other sites which is a big plus and their support team is awesome (their support agent helped me with the process more then the dealer).

I had initially listed my vehicle (2020 X5) with the basic package,, however I wasn't getting any emails. I then opted for the priority package which was around $200 and found a buyer within a week.

I would definitely recommend this site to anybody looking to transfer their lease.
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This site is like an AutoTrader specifically made for lease transfers. I myself like other had problems transferring my lease. I found this site and within a few days found a buyer.

The great thing about this site is that it's cheap to post an ad compared to the other lease transfer sites. I am glad that something like this exists in Canada as the other sites seems to be charging an arm and a leg to simply post your vehicle (which is absurd)

I would have no problem recommending this site to my friends and family members.
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I was searching for a car when I came across this website. I wanted to do a lease takeover as its cheaper then signing for a new lease, however i wasn't able find any good deals on other sites until I found this website. It seems a lot of good deals get posted here. I found my perfect car and took over the lease

Note to the ceo: You guys need to work on getting your name out there. Not a lot of people know about this hidden gem when it comes to taking over leases (I never heard of your website before either).