Acura Type-S Showcase

Next-Generation Performance Vehicles from Acura

6-Speed Manual Transmission

The 6-speed manual transmission in the Integra Type S is exceptional—probably the best way to put it. It adds an extra layer of fun to driving the Integra.

Michelin Pilot 4S Tires

Straight from the factory, the Integra is equipped with Michelin Pilot 4S tires. These tires significantly amp up the fun factor with their high-performance nature.


9″ touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enhances Integra’s connectivity and ensures you stay connected.

Ride Height-Adjustable Air Suspension

The suspension system can either lower or raise the ride height, depending on the dynamic mode the driver chooses.

Quad-Round Exhausts

The MDX Type S looks every bit the part of a performance SUV, thanks to the prominent quad-round exhaust tips at the rear.

Luxurious Cabin

Quilted leather-trimmed seating, massaging front seats, and an ELS Studio Signature audio system make for a luxurious experience.
*Some pictures are sourced from Acura’s official website. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on any vehicles, please visit the OEM website.